Equipment Rental Policies

Rental Periods

Payment is due at time of rental unless you have an open account with us. We accept most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), cash, checks and money orders.

A valid driverís license or photo ID is required at time of rental.

FTV covers loss or damage by fire, theft or vandalism. FTV is not insurance and does NOT protect customer for liability to others arising out of possession or operation of the equipment. Unless customer provides proof of liability insurance with Cat Trax Rentals listed as loss payee, customer agrees to pay FTV fee, which is a percentage of the rental fee. Customer is responsible for 50% of replacement value. Loss or damage NOT waived due to the following instances: overloading, exceeding the rated capacity, misuse, improper use or abuse; striking overhead objects; equipment rollover or upset; neglect, lack of lubrication or improper servicing; exposure to radioactive, contaminated or other hazardous material; failure of tires and tubes under ANY circumstance; operation for any illegal purpose, or any illegal manner or in violation of any law or ordinance; use or operation of equipment by any person other than rental customer; altering the equipment to be used in a manner in which it was not designed; damage caused by boom or mast damage from overloading or from the collision by striking of other objects when the boom or mast is in motion; damage during the loading, unloading or transportation of the equipment; caused by dishonesty of customer, their employees or persons to whom the equipment is entrusted; caused by third parties or during unauthorized use of the equipment; loss due to mysterious disappearance of equipment. Tires on equipment or trailers are not covered by the FTV fee Ė please see discussion on Tires below.

We encourage you to reserve the item you will be needing as soon as your plans will allow, so that we will have what you need when you need it. We ask that you let us know as quickly as possible if you have an item reserved and your plans change.

Delivery and Pick-up
Delivery and pickup are available at reasonable rates. The rates are determined based on the mileage from the Cat Trax Rentals location.

The customer is responsible for the item(s) rented from the time of delivery or pickup until the time of return.

Items requiring the use of fuel are full when you receive them. Please fill them with the proper fuel prior to pickup or return. Due to our small fuel capacity we charge a premium for refueling items upon return.

Tires are the customerís responsibility. Tires are not covered by the Damage Waiver. Please inspect the tires prior to leaving the rental yard. If you have a flat you must have the tire repaired or replaced prior to the return of the item.

Note: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.